Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kira-Kira and Little House on the Prarie

     The book Little House on the Prairie are two similar books because in both of those two books both of the families go through hard times an have to move due to a problem of go through a hard time. For example in Kira-Kira the families grocery store goes out of business. And in the book Little House on the Prairie a giant herd of grasshoppers come through where they are living and ate all of their crops there was also a fire that burned some of there crops.

The meaning of the book Kira-Kira so far.

     The meaning that I get out of the book Kira-Kira is that you might go through hard times, but you will always have your family there to support you and help you. For example int he book Katie is getting strait C's and her older sister is getting strait A's, so she helped Katie get her grades back up.

More of Kira-Kira

     The plot of this book is about a Japanese family who lives in Georgia. It is showing the hard times this family is going through, with getting a job and being behind in school. So it is very real because that would probably happen to people in this situation in real life, not just in a book.  


     The new book that I am reading is called Kira-Kira. It is told in First person. I can tell this because Kira is telling us her story. She says things like I and we and all the things that resemble her telling us what she did and is going to do.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Giver Movie VS Book

The Giver Movie VS Book

I think that "The Giver" Movie was better than the book because it in a way showed more feelings. The feeling of  love with him and Fiona was more established in the movie which made it better, and the feeling of trust between Jonas and Asher when Asher found Jonas in the Drone and had trusted Jonas when he had said that him going to the boundary point was a good thing, and letting Jonas and Gabe get away and lying to the chief elder that he had finished it for Jonas. all of those things a shown in the examples below.
One reason that the movie was better than the book is that Jonas was that the movie was told in first person. I think that made it better because you knew more of what Jonas was thinking and it made the story more of Jonas's story instead of the communities story. It also gave us as the watchers a better look at what Jonas is thinking personally and everything that is in his head.  
Another reason why the movie is better that the book is better is the sledding scene with fiona. That scene was not in the book. But think that it made the movie better because it was action and it was showing love for fiona at the end when they were holding hands after they had gone down hill sort thing. And it explained how they run the community a little more because at the end, when Fiona and Jonas were holding hands and the speaker said “it is impolite to touch people outside of your family unit. which gave us as watchers a better idea of the rules at the community.
My last reason why the giver movie is better than the book is that Asher is a drone driver instead of the recreation director, this makes it better because Asher got the job from the chief elder to go and find Jonas, after Jonas has jumped the motorcycle to the other side of the community and was heading to the boundary of memory, because “ he knows Jonas” and to finish him.  But Asher trusted Jonas and fakes the finishing of Jonas by dropping him into the river where he could still swim to safety and not die.
The Giver Movie is better than the Giver book for the three reasons of it told the story in first person, the movie had the sledding scene in it and the reason that I thought was the biggest and most important was that Asher is a drone flyer instead of the recreation director.  I thought that it is the most important reason because it showed trust. Asher had trust in Jonas that what he was doing was right, for a good cause.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Look In Grandmas Past

A look in Grandma's Past.

At 6:30 on the last day before it was due, I was at the desk in my room, I went to my contacts and called my grandma to give her the interview, “Hi grandma, do you have a moment where I could you interview you for my english class?” “I would love to” she said, “I just hope I have the answers” she said.  She sounded very happy to do it and always said that she is so happy to hear our voice. I could picture the smile on her face when her phone rang

Q: What were some of the regrets or mistakes that you made in your life?
A: If I could have done something a little better it would have been that I wish that I would have listened to my parents more. And tried to do more good to my family and other people

Q: Who were your parents and how did they affect your life?
A: My Mom’s name was Mary Anne Cathryn Obinskey and My Dad’s name was Henry Joseph Orzel.  I was very close to my dad, he was always the one who I could go and talk to, but her family was very close altogether, They were very supportive to me and helped me through my life, they always spent time with me. They influenced me to work hard, because I had always gone with my dad to his work, He was a photographer, I got to meet many famous people that way.  He had a photo finishing plant, downtown where they developed pictures on the film when lived in Scranton Pennsylvania.  

Q: What did you do in your free time?
A: Well, when I lived in Scranton Pennsylvania and was younger I would go apple picking on the weekends in the country and go downtown with my dad to where he worked. But we also went into the woods and went berry picking and we made snowmen when it was snowing. Also I went to grandma Katie’s a lot, she was a great cook, and I loved the smell of lilacs in her garden.  But one of the biggest thing that I did was when we lived in Blythe, and Needles, and that was go to the river. At the river I would go waterskiing, and swimming It was a lot of fun. My dad also loved the river, that is the one of the reasons we never moved back to the city.   

Q: Where were you born and did you ever move?
A: I was born in Scranton Pennsylvania, when I was about 6 years old I then moved to Buffalo, New York. When when I was 8 years old I moved to a very small town called Needles California in the Desert. Then I moved to Blythe Arizona. When I was about 22 years old,that is where I met your grandpa and got married to him, and had your Dad, and a few years later had your Aunt. When I moved to Blythe, the person who I would be working for already had my job ready, I would be doing paperwork for the government. Then I moved back to Needles California. Your grandpa and I built our house there and that is where we stayed for many years. That house, Delaney is the one that you remember and came to visit us in.  Then finally your grandpa and I moved up to Arroyo Grande where we remain now.  

Q: How, why and when did you start your business?
A: I was inspired to be a photographer because that was what my dad did, he and Petsy Hooks, I was amazed by what she could do. But I started my photography business in 1975. I first used my living room to take pictures in when I lived on Prue street. Then I moved and made the garage into my studio. After that when your grandpa and I built our own house in Needles we also built our own studio, and had it for 32 years before we moved up to Arroyo Grande.  But before I had started my business, in high school I was in the photography club there. When I was younger I always wanted to go to Santa Barbara to go to college there for photography, but now I do not regret not going. I was 14 when I photographed my first wedding, because my Dad was sick, and could not do it.  

Well Babcia, thank you for doing the interview with me, I said.
“You are very welcome”, she said call me again if you have any other questions.
Ok I will, goodbye.
The line clicked off.

10 minutes later.  Ding Ding a text from my grandma appeared and it said, you got me to thinking, and it is all coming back to me now, I think I can give you better answers, call me if you want. Then, she called me and we talked some more. Then I said goodbye, and thank you, and we hung up.

Word Count: 850
Delaney Browder
Period 1


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dreaming On

There are many theories on why do we dream and scientists have not found out yet on what is the actually is. One of the theories to why do we dream is when you dream it is helping your brain sort everything out in your day. The example in the article that they gave was that that thing that your brain was trying to sort out could be small things like the color of a passing car or something as big as a job that you were going to get. This is only one of the many theories. 😴